In-and-out of storage Moving

Our Servies

Closing in on both of your homes might seem as something stressful, but San Diego Movers US can help you out for both, moving in or out of your storage unit. We will send you our professional and trained group of movers to help you with heavy lifting, planning and organizing and protecting. Not just movers with a truck are included in our price, but service of assembling or assembling is included as well.

We will make sure all of your belongings are wrapped up with plastic wrap. If you plan to store your items for a longer period of time, you would probably have to consider buying extra moving blankets. If there is something that is excessively heavy for caring, we will have moving dollies to safely handle it.

This all comes with an all inclusive rate that is pretty affordable. No hidden charges for handling heavy items, walking up and down the stairs or using the long hallways. Time for your move starts when the actual local move starts, we don’t charge anything to get to your location or go back. No fees for fuel, gas or double drive time charge. We care about your budget and your safety!