Apartment Moving

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Planning an apartment move is never a simple task because not only you need to see what works for you, but you have to consult your building management or landlord as well. So let us tell you something more about how we do our business.

Safety comes first of course, so we will make sure all of your belongings are disassembled, assembled and wrapped up. We will save you some time for packing because we will provide you with wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes and those are free to use during the move. O

ur basic coverage insurance is included in the price. And we are proud to say that our rates are not just affordable, but all inclusive as well. No hidden charges for services such as handling stairs or long hallways. If you have any heavy items, we will use moving dollies to move them, without anything extra to charge you of course. Forget about mileage, fuel and double drive time fees as well. Our goal is to provide you with a stress free move without any surprises.

Now, let us know if your building needs us to provide them with a Certificate of Insurance, because we will – free of charge. We can fulfill any other request as well, such as protecting the elevator. We would just ask you to make sure that we have a parking spot for our truck once we get to your pick up location.