Frequently Asked Questions

When to book the movers?

Whenever you plan a local move and you want someone to take care of your items professionally and with care you should hire professional movers to do the job for you. Your local movers won’t just move your furniture, they will help you plan and organize your move as well. Not to mention that your belongings will be safe and carefully handled throughout the move.

Can movers move alcohol?

Moving anything that is flammable or any liquids is not recommended. You should ask your local furniture movers what is the safest way to move those and if they are willing to do so.

Will movers pack for you?

Any professional local movers will be more than happy to offer you their packers and movers to assist with your local move. You should always tell them that you would like packing service as well, so they can come to your home prepared. Usually you can choose whether you want to use their moving boxes or would you like to buy theirs.

Will movers disconnect the washing machine?

Due to safety measures, disconnecting or connecting your appliances is not something that your local movers will do. Most of the local moving companies recommend you have appliances disconnected prior to your movers arrival.

Why tip movers?

When to tip movers and how much should you tip the movers are two most common questions. There is no right or wrong when it comes to this. If you hire legit and licenced local movers, they have their own workers that have paychecks with them and you are not obligated to tip them. But it would be nice to treat someone who just did a great job for you. So, our answer is that it is up to you.

Where to get movers?

The fastest and easiest way to find your local movers is to use your Google and type “movers near me” or “local movers near me” and start with your research. Check at least 5 moving companies on the list in front of you, visit their website, read some reviews and most importantly – call them to see what they can offer you. If you know someone who moved recently and is super excited about their local movers, even better.

How movers charge?

This is something that every local movers decide by themselves. Some local movers might charge the hourly rates, some might have flat rates etc. Whenever you decide to call local moving companies, you should ask them as many details as possible, such as what is included in the price, what they charge additionally, what type of service they offer etc.

Movers who disassemble furniture?

Any professional moving company will not only disassemble, but assemble back your belongings on your moving date. That is something that is considered as a standard service when it comes to moving. It is way easier to move big items if they are disassembled.

Are movers usually late?

Unexpected things can happen of course, so even if your movers are late they should let you know. Usually local movers provide you with an arrival window and if they are professional they will be there in time. If there is a traffic jam or some kind of accident, you should understand, because it is out of control.